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Moments and Milestones Counseling
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Mental Health Counseling
Counseling Services Provided By:
Tonya McMillen Boone, MSW,  LCSW
Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling for:

Grief and Loss
Relationship Conflict
Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
Postpartum Adjustment

Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
 Life is full of challenges and change. Individual and family stress levels can increase with changes related to school, employment, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, physical illness, loss of a loved one, or relationship conflicts. When we are unable to adapt to the stress in our lives it can lead to more serious mental health issues such as physical ailments, depression, anxiety or substance abuse.   Moments and Milestones Counseling provides individual, marriage and family counseling to help support and teach better coping techniques to those who may be experiencing the stress of difficult life transitions or more serious health problems brought on by unmanaged stress. 

A warmest welcome is extended to you as you take the difficult step of seeking help.  You don't have to face your problems alone. Moments and Milestones Counseling is here to guide you in taking further steps down the lifelong path of self examination, personal growth and healing.